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Businesses nationwide are quickly learning the importance of controlling costs. In today's world, theft and abuse, on average, account for 10% to 15% of the total transaction. Our fuel management program can eliminate all of these concerns.

  • Controlling the product grade purchase at the dispenser - This can easily add up to $.20 cents per gallon, plus having to spend time auditing statements for this abusive practice.
  • Eliminating Non - Fuel Purchases - Most fuel purchasing systems rely on C-stores where it's easy to add non-fuel items to the fuel transaction. The only way to detect them is by monitoring miles per gallon. Poor mileage is an indicator of theft.
  • Reducing the time spent fueling - Time is money. Every minute a driver wastes browsing a C-store, waiting for an attendant to begin fueling, or standing in line to pay, increases your cost of doing business. Fleet managers have learned that an $18 an hour employee who wastes 10 minutes in a C-store increases the per gallon cost of fuel by $.12 cents.



By taking control of your purchases, this helps eliminate abuse and theft. Our fuel management solution offers the highest level of controls available in the marketplace. We can customize a system using any or all of these configurable elements:

  • Prompt Pay Discounts
  • PIN Security (user definable)
  • Guaranteed Fuel Grade Restriction (at the dispenser)
  • Daily and Monthly Volume Restrictions (in gallons)
  • Time of Day / Day of Week Restrictions
  • Guaranteed Fuel Only Purchasing
  • Two Card Programs

Every driver or vehicle in your fleet is issued a network Access Card encoded with billing and security numbers, product access and information specific to the individual customer. It's like an automated bank teller card. This helps you take control over the buying practices of your drivers. There are no lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about.

Unlike major oil company bank credit cards, Pacific Pride cards can only be used to purchase fuel or motor oil. This increases purchasing control and reduces cash outflow to cover fueling expenses. Thanks to Pacific Pride accountability and controls, you should realize significant long term savings. You can reduce petty cash disbursements and make cash receipts easier to manage.



Without complete, accurate, and consistent transaction data, it is impossible to manage a fleet and detect abuse. We issue a detailed statement to your company that simplifies your bookkeeping and improves your control by providing the following facts:

  • Vehicle and purchase details, including vehicle number
  • Driver's Identification
  • Time of Purchase and location
  • Type of Product
  • Product and Gallons Purchased
  • Miles Per Gallon (if configured and used)
  • Price Per Gallon
  • Federal, State, and Local Tax
  • Transaction Total



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